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Purchasing a property is one of the biggest commitments you can make in terms of finances and it requires your full attention.Most people purchasing a property will require some financial assistance as they will not have access to the full amount instantly. Whilst sometimes families can offer their support, the likelihood is you will probably (possibly) need to obtain mortgage finance.

Getting independent advice is vital. A good adviser will carefully consider your financial situation and look for a product that will best meet your requirements.

How To Get A Good Mortgage Deal

If we're talking about refinancing a mortgage, make sure you know everything about your current mortgage. Know your interest rate and compare it to the lenders' offer.

Research: Before diving in it would be essential to gather as many information as possible: application fees, mortgage break fees and other related fees. Don't be afraid to ask.

Look at the big picture. Don't get stuck within individual fees and percentages. Figure out the best overall deal, the one that will get results on the long run.

Find a good independent mortgage adviser who can guide you at every step of the process and lift the pressure of your shoulders, and review the offer regularly.

Our Mortgage Recommendation

We believe this is a decision you shouldn't make without considering your options. Therefore, in order to eliminate the confusions the process could bring, we would wholeheartedly recommend getting a totally independent advice. It will be a life-saver over the years.

For all mortgage related matters we now recommend Kevin Stead, at Stead Mortgages in Kendal. He is a man more than capable to assist and guide you through the process, always pursuing clients' interest.

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